Army Wheels in Detail - GM C15TA Armoured Truck - Canadian Military Pattern

Army Wheels in Detail - GM C15TA Armoured Truck - Canadian Military Pattern

By James Gosling and Petr Brojo

Booklet published by Capricorn in 2011, 44 pages. Square(ish) booklet - c.22cm by 24cm (N6266)

All text in English and Czech

From the introduction: In 1943 the US government informed the British that production of the M3A1 White Scout Car was coming to an end. The British War Department realised that they would need a replacement as the M3A1 had proved very successful in a variety of roles including that of armoured lorry and frontline ambulance. To this end they instructed General Motors of Canada to design the replacement.

GM was chosen as they had already gained much experience producing two other armoured vehicles, the Otter Light Reconnaissance Car in 1942 and the Fox Armoured Car in 1943. The armoured bodies were produced by the Hamilton Bridge Company of Ontario and this was also going to be the case with the C15TA. Initial designs were drawn up in in 1943 and this vehicle was designated the GM Model 8449. It utilised the front end of the Otter and a square open bodied rear. It was powered by the same GMC Model 270 engine but now had a 2 speed transfer box and larger tyres to improve its cross country performance, giving it the ability to climb a 60 degree gradient.

This vehicle now named the C15TA went into production in 1944 and before the end of the war nearly 4000 were produced. It went on to serve in nearly every theatre of the war and proved both highly successful and very popular with the troops in the field. Nearly every Canadian unit was issued with one vehicle for its Headquarters and they were also used to ferry troops into battle as modern armoured personnel carriers do today...

The book is packed full with drawings, schematics, and colour and black and white photographs of C15TA Vehicles, and all explanatory captions are in both English and Czech text

Condition of the booklet is generally excellent. The covers are clean and bright, the staple spine is intact and all pages are clean, intact, unblemished and tightly bound.

Condition New