Armstrong Whitworth Albemarle, by Tony Butler

Armstrong Whitworth Albemarle, by Tony Butler

Booklet published by Warpaint Books as No.115 in the Warpaint Series, 28 pages. A4 size booklet (N6934)

Brand New Booklet
This booklet is a fascinating and detailed history of the Armstrong Whitworth Albemarle, a British aircraft originally developed during the Second World War as a medium bomber, but which increasing service as a transport aircraft....

The Armstrong Whitworth Albemarle is something of an 'odd man out' in the list of British World War Two military aircraft. It was manufactured entirely in a special factory as sub-contract work, to save light alloys it was intended to make use of steel tube and wood in its construction, and its service career was undistinguished. As a result the Albemarle is a rather forgotten aircraft and yet it made an important contribution during the latter part of the conflict. This new Warpaint will hopefully make enthusiasts more aware of the background and career of this unusual aeroplane....

The book is illustrated throughout with lots of black and white photographs, as well as 6 pages of colour drawings showing individual profiles of aircraft with different designs and camoflauge.