Ancient Monuments of Shetland, by Mike Salter

Ancient Monuments of Shetland, by Mike Salter

Booklet published by Folly Publications in 2008, 36 pages. A5 size booklet (N5630)

From rear side cover: This book contains information on about a hundred and twenty ancient monuments and old buildings up to the late 18th century.

Almost half of the book is devoted to describing the enigmatic dry­stone towers called brochs which are peculiar to Scotland. About sixty of these still partly survive in Shetland and one at Mousa remains almost complete. There are also other forts, houses, standing stones and burial cairns from prehistoric times, wheel-houses of the second and third centries A.D., Viking longhouses of the ninth and tenth centuries, ruins of a dozen small old churches from the 12th century through to the 18th century, one minor late medieval castle, two fine ruined castellated houses of the end of the 16th century, one later fort and about a dozen minor 17th and 18th century houses.

The booklet is illustrated throughout with lots of small black and white photographs.

Condition of the booklet is generally excellent. The cover is clean and tidy, the staple spine is intact and all pages are clean, intact, unblemished and tightly bound. Their is a small price sticker on the rear side cover

Condition New