Anarchist Organisation - The History of the FAI, by Juan Gomez Casas

Anarchist Organisation - The History of the FAI, by Juan Gomez Casas

Anarchist Organisation - The History of the FAI, by Juan Gomez Casas

Book published by Luath in 1986, 264 pages. Paperback (N3779)

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From the rear side cover: This book is a detailed history of the Federacion Anarquista Iberica (F.A.I.), the organisation of Spanish anarchists. It traces the history of Spanish anarchism back to the founding of the F.A.I. in Valencia in 1927 and follows the F.A.I.’s development throughout the crucial Civil War years, dealing with its organizational principles, controversies, objectives, and programmes.

Juan Gomez Casas was active in the Libertarian Youth during the Spanish Revolution. In 1947 a military tribunal sentenced him to thirty years in prison for belonging to an illegal organisation, nearly fifteen of which he served. He later acted as secretary of the national labour organisation C.N.T. in the post-Franco period and continues to be actively involved in the C.N.T. today. Chapters include:

  • Chapter One: Antecedents of the Alliance of Social Democracy in Spain, including Fanelli in Madrid and Barcelona, The Founding Nucleus in Madrid, The Marxist “Alliance”, Thomas Gonzalez Morago and the Local Federation of the International in Madrid
  • Chapter Two: The C.N.T. and Anarchism Up to the Primo De Rivera Dictatorship, including Creation of the C.N.T, Anarchosyndicalism and Anarchism, The Congress at the Comedia Theatre and the Start of Terrorism, Creation of the National Federation of Anarchist Groups
  • Chapter Three: Anarchism and Anarchosyndicalism During the Primo De Rivera Dictatorship and Up to the Second Republic, including existence Underground, Crisis, and Theoretical/Tactical Debates, Arango and Santillan and La Protesta, New Theoretical Debates. Attack by Maurin and Oscar Perez Solis, Organizational Activity up to the Establishment of the F.A.I, From the National Plenum in March to the Valencia Conference
    Analysis of The Platform
  • Chapter Four: The Iberian Anarchist Federation, including The Valencia Conference, Response to the F.A.I.- Los Solidarios, Fall of the Dictatorship, The Confederal (C.N.T.) Congress at the Madrid Conservatory, Reappearance of the Los Solidarios, Radicalization of Anarchosyndicalism, Anarchism and Treintismo, The Myth of the F.A.I, The F.A.I. and the Cycle of Insurrections, National Plenum of Regions  
    Revolutionary Strategy and Theory, The Problem of Libertarian Communism, National Plenum of F.A.I. Regions, January-February 1938, Brief Comments on the F.A.I. National Plenum, The F.A.I. and the Saragossa Congress
  • Chapter Five: The Spanish Civil War, including The C.N.T.- F.A.I. Connection, Central Committee of Anti-Fascist Militias, C.N.T.- F.A.I. and Government Collaboration, Facing International Anarchism and Anarchosyndicalism: Difficult Justifications, Theory and Practice To May 1937
    Councils on Political Affairs and the Peninsular Plenum of the F.A.I. Change of Structure, Late and Incomplete Reaction of the F.A.I. Military Defeat and Collapse of the Republic, Disagreement Between the C.N.T. and the F.A.I, Predicaments for the F.A.I, Fall of Catalonia, The F.A.I. and the Libertarian Movement in the Centre-South Zone
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