American Civil War Gravesites of Great Britain and Ireland, by John Collier

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American Civil War Gravesites of Great Britain and Ireland, by John Collier
American Civil War Gravesites of Great Britain and Ireland, by John Collier

Published privately by the author in 2002 (and signed by author on the title page), 52 pages. A5 size booklet (N5505PE)

From the introduction: About three years ago I read that some people in the Southern Skirmish Association, a living history and re-enactment society were trying to list the gravesites of those who fought in the American Civil War and are buried here. I believe that this quest started with the search for the grave site of Col. Arthur Freemantle the British observer who spent some months in America with both armies during the war.

Being a member of the Sons of Confederate veterans I thought that the idea to locate and record the gravesites to be an excellent idea, and by using the same method of research that I had used to locate the gravesites of my ancestors, as well as using information given to me by others i was able to compile quite a sizable list.

200,000 of the soldiers and sailors of the American Civil War were British born. In the Southern States alone (1861 figure) 140,000+ of the population were born in Britain. The vast majority of both these groups are buried in America, but some returned here after the war, added to those are some Americans who died here whilst visiting or who had come to live here. The people listed here is by no means a complete list, in fact I believe that the vast majority that are buried here will never be known to us....

Grave markers for both Confederate and Federals have been placed at some of the gravesites and it is hoped that many more will be placed. Where possible, surviving descendants attend the dedications for these markers.

Ships like the CSS Alabama, built for commerce raiding, were built in Britain and their crews were mainly British. The name of these commerce raiders will appear again and again in this booklet, as these ships exploits are well known and rosters exist for their mainly British crew.

Those listed are not in alphabetic order, they are listed more or less as they became known to me. This booklet does not mention in detail the service records of the men listed, but a few relevant details are briefly covered. Also mentioned are those believed to be buried here, or those who are known to be buried here but with no located gravesite. There is also a section for those who are just listed as 'possibles'.

The condition of the booklet is generally good. The cover is clean and bright, the staple spine is intact, and all pages are intact, unblemished and tightly bound.
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