American 1/2-Ton Pickup Trucks of the 1960s

American 1/2-Ton Pickup Trucks of the 1960s
Book published by Veloce in 2016, 112 pages. Square(ish) paperback - c.19 by 21cm (N7488CHPX1)

Brand New Book

Although these trucks were still purchased as a basic utility vehicle during the 1960s, more and more consumers were looking for stylish, comfortable, good handling, and high performing trucks. The important role played in American life by the lightweight, high-production pickup truck is often overshadowed by their innate ruggedness, reliability and utilitarian nature. Yet, as the quickly-changing decade evolved, so did the pickup truck, and the manufacturers’ interpretation of them. Continuing its trend from the 1950s, a trend towards greater style, comfort and optional equipment, the pickup truck would less and less assume the lines and styling of its flashy, sibling car versions, and instead evolve an identity all of its own.

The book is packed with colour and black and white photographs, and contents include engine and chassis specifications, all high-volume & light-duty American half-ton pickup trucks of the decade, a detailed look at four of the most poupular models of the period, contemporary truck industry production facts and figures, pickup truck options available during the decade, images of fully restored trucks, photographs of rare models including Fargo, Chevrolet Corvair & ElCamino, Ford Econoline & Ranchero, Dodge & Fargo A100, and Mercury, and more!