Allied Military Locomotives of the Second World War, by R. Tourret

Allied Military Locomotives of the Second World War, by R. Tourret

Book published by Tourret in 1995, 304 pages. Large A4 size hardback with Dust Jacket - c.21cm by 30cm (N5595)

From the front inside fly leaf: During the Second World War, many interesting types of locomotives, both steam and diesel, were built for the British War Department and the United States Army Transportation Corps. These were sent all over the world and many of them remained in service long after the war, sometimes with their exact origin half forgotten.

In this book, after some 45 years' of research into matters generally held secret at that time, the overall story' is presented. It starts in the first Section with general descriptions of the campaigns in the different theatres of war from a railway viewpoint, and then follows in the second and third Sections with Chapters giving the class histories of the various British and American types oflocomotives, both Sections starting with a numerical list of the locomotives which give the key to the WD and USAITC numbering structures. Finally, there are some Chapters dealing with odd topics such as various important military railways. The book is illustrated throughout with lots of black and white photographs, and chapters include:

Britain & WD General Notes
USAITC General Notes
Middle East
Persia (Iran)
North Africa
Northern France, Belgium & Holland
Southern France
India & Burma
New Caledonia & Philippine Islands
WD Locomotive Stock List
LMS Diesels, WD 3-7,16-27,49-64,213-8/24/5/33/60-73
LMS Standard Class 3F 0-6-0Ts, WD 8-15
Standard WD 150hp 0-4-0Ds, WD 29-48, 2220-31/5-9
Ex-LNE Class J69 0-6-0s, WD 78-91
Ex-GWR "Dean Goods" 0-6-0s, WD 93-200
Stanier LMS Class 8F 2-8-0s, WD 300-449, 500-24/40-623
Locomotives of the Italian North African Colonies, WD70624-44
Robinson LNE (GCR) Class 04 2-8-0s, WD 700-91
Standard WD 2-8-0s, WD 800-79, 7000-7509, 8510-8718,9177-9312
Whitcomb 650hp Diesel Locomotives Used in Middle East and Italy, WD 1200-51, 1537-96, MRS 1200-8/32-71
Standard WD 0-6-OSTs, WD 1437-56/62-1536, 5000-5199,5250-5331
Hudswell Clarke 2-8-2T, WD 2200
Ex-LBSCR Atlantic Tanks, WD 2400/1
Federated Malay States Railway Class C2c 4-6-4Ts, WD2600-5
Sudan Type 4-6-2s, WD 2800-54
Standard WD 2-1O-0s, WD 3650-3799
60cm gauge 2-8-2s, WD 4000-4
2ft 6in gauge 2-8-0s, WD 4005-10
Light Beyer-Garratt Locomotives, WD 4200-43
Heavy Beyer-Garratt Locomotives, WD 4400-24
LNE Arrnoured 2-4-2Ts, WD A-M (& spares)
Indian Class YD (Modified) Metre-gauge 2-8-2s, WD (India) 1 & 2
Locomotives from China
The Longmoor Military Railway
The Melbourne Military Railway
WD Tramway, Shoeburyness
Shropshire & Montgomeryshire Railway
Martin Mill Military Railway
The Kowloon-Canton Railway
USA/TC Locomotive Stock List
The Camp Claiborne Locomotives, USAITC 1-7, 10/11 & 20/2
Standard USAITC "MacArthur" Narrow-gauge 2-8-2s, USA/TC 3000-29, 130-249, 257-890 & 4281-4312
Standard USA/TC Standard-gauge 2-8-2s, WD & USA/TC 1000-1199
Standard USA/TC 0-6-0Ts, USA/TC 1252-1316/87-1436, 1927-2001,4313-41/72-4401,5000-60, 6000-23/80-6103/60-83
Standard USA/TC Standard-gauge 2-8-0s, USAffC 1600-1926,2032-2382,2400-59,2500-2989, 3200-3749, 4402-83, 5155-99, 5700-5859 & 6024-78
Metre-gauge 0--4--0P Locomotives, USAffC 2383-99, 2990-7 & 8288-95
Porter Steam Locomotives for Russia, USA/TC 3030-75
USAITC 2-1O-0s for Russia, USAffC 3925-95, 4143-4280,4500-4999,5200-5699,5860-5999, 6104-54,6240-6739, 10000-99 & 10500-619
Standard USAITC 0-6-0s Used in the United States, USA/TC 4000-79
Finnish State Railways 0-6-0STs, USAffC 6740-63
The Lima 2-8-0s, USA/TC 6994-9
General Electric 75 ton Diesel Locomotives, USA/TC 7228-37
Evans Autorailers 235hp 0-6-0Ds, USAffC 7731-8
General Electric 25 ton Diesel Locomotives, USA/TC 7770-9
General Electric 45 ton Diesel Locomotives, USA/TC 7800-29,7924-9,8390,8499-8528&8532-9/60-73
Whitcomb 65 ton Diesel Locomotives, USA/TC 7961-90,8120-47,8400-98,8800-11 & MRS 1300-67
Alco-GE 127 ton Diesel Locomotives, USAITC 8000-56 & 8600-99
Japanese Mikai Class 2-8-2s, USAITC 9400-32
Broad-gauge 2-8-2s for Indian Railways
The MRS Numbering Scheme Used in Italy
The White Pass & Yukon Route
Alaska Railroad

The condition of the book is generally very good. The dust jacket has one or two minor scuffs but is clean and bright, the spine is tight and intact, and all pages are clean, intact, unblemished and tightly bound. There is some bubbling to a few inside pages, and light yellowing along the extreme edge of the inside pages.

Condition New