All for Freedom - The Warsaw Epic, edited by Umadevi (Wanda Dynowska)
All for Freedom - The Warsaw Epic, edited by Umadevi (Wanda Dynowska)
All for Freedom - The Warsaw Epic, edited by Umadevi (Wanda Dynowska)
All for Freedom - The Warsaw Epic, edited by Umadevi (Wanda Dynowska)
All for Freedom - The Warsaw Epic, edited by Umadevi (Wanda Dynowska)

All for Freedom - The Warsaw Epic, edited by Umadevi (Wanda Dynowska)

All for Freedom - The Warsaw Epic, edited by Umadevi (Wanda Dynowska)
All for Freedom, edited by Wanda Dynowska

Hardback published by the Indo-Polish Library in 1946, 217 pages. (S4912YWSO)

From the introduction: Why are we publishing this volume on Warsaw's epic fight, after one long year, when so many things have happened, so many changes have taken place. The reader may wonder if it is not a too distant, almost out of date story.

To our mind it is not so. The eternal urge of the human spirit for Freedom, of a nation for liberty, is never beyond the dictates of time. And the indomitable will of a people to conquer its freedom at any price cannot be a matter of indifference to anyone in whose name the same sacred flame burns, to anyone who is striving for the same goal. Greatness is the common property of all who are able to appreciate it. And as E. A. Mowrer said: the defence of Warsaw represents a pure triumph of the human Spirit, than which, there is nothing higher on earth.

There is another point which, makes Warsaw's fight a: poignant actuality, of universal interest. The cynical a-morality which brought about Warsaw's 'defeat is now threatening to engulf the whole civilisation of mankind, it is a paramount danger to us all. Hitler, physically defeated, is morally triumphant. For Hitler was not only an evil man, Hitler was a definite power of destruction, bringing calamity, spreading barbarity and degradation'. This influence of barbarity is now obviously' stronger than it was in 1939 or 1940.

The tragic struggle for Warsaw of 1944, is not a thing of the past, to be forgotten, as is the case with the battle for Paris, or other countries, who see that their task, now, that the war is over, lies in reconatruction and peaceful work for the well-being of their lands. The war is not yet over. But for them the struggle for existence, the fight for freedom, are in fact things of the past.

Not so with Poland.

The fight which was fearlessly led by the nation for five and a half years, reaching its climax in the amazing battle for -Warsaw, the struggle for free existence, the striving to regain sovereignty and independence of the State, is just as burning and real a problem now for the Poles, as it was when the Germans were masters of Europe.

Today Poland is being incorporated into the Russian Empire as ruthlessly and brazenly as she was annexed by the Nazi Reich. Names have changed, but the facts are the same. German lebensraum is now called "sphere of influence", The Eastern part of Poland is depopulated of all the Poles - by deportations - with the Russian language, political and social system and mode of life, imposed by force on the rest of the population - just as was the case with the western part of Poland by the 'Nazis.

The "General Government" administered by German officials was yet called "Poland", and now it is called "free Poland", but the place of Frank and his accomplices-officials of Berlin is now taken by Bierut and his co-workers - agents of Moscow. Gestapo's place is taken by the N.K. V. D. Methods do not differ much. Even the same concentration camps are full of the same kind of poles.....

Poland is being incorporated into the Red totalitarian Empire more thoroughly than the Germans were able to do it.
Chapters include:

Six Centuries of Warsaw's History
Warsaw's History in her Architecture
The Warsaw School Strike
Modjeska in Warsaw
Two Memorable Dates
Warsaw the City of Learning
Housing the Workers in Warsaw
Warsaw in the Eyes of Foreigners
Poland's Answer to Hitler
August 1939
Why Warsaw was defended
A Syren for a Crest
Socialists in the defence of Warsaw
The Last Performance
Warsaw - the Heart of Europe
The Debt of the World
In a Warsaw Hospital
Tributes of Americans to Warsaw of 1939
Warsaw Fights on
A day in Warsaw under German Occupation
Humour in the days of Dread
Women - Soldiers of Freedom
The Battle of the Warsaw Ghetto
The Warsaw Rising
The Order of the Day of General Bor
The Begining of the Rising
The Warsaw Rising, a Diary of a Home Army Soldier

The condition of the book is generally very poor, but is perfect as a reading copy of reference for study. The cover boards have several minor scuffs and blemishes, and some bumping and wear along the edges and corners, and there is a long split on the rear side along the outside spine, as well as a 6cm segment of the outside spine at the top missing entirely. Inside, all pages are intact and tightly bound, but there is some bubbling to the inside front and rear covers, and foxing and yellowing throughout.
Condition New