Air Power Can Disarm, by J.M. Spaight (Published 1948)

Air Power Can Disarm, by J.M. Spaight (Published 1948)

Published by the Air League of the British Empire in association with Sir Isaac Pitman in 1948, 173 pages, Hardback with Dust Jacket (A13NWSO)

From the inside front fly leaf: The popular belief that orthodox Air Power was made obsolete by the atomic bomb is challenged in this book. The author believes that the atomic bomb will never be used again. He holds that the guided missile was a failure and will continue to be a failure.

The late war was won, in Europe and in Asia, before the first atomic bomb was dropped. This book shows that it was won by the use of Air Power. The enemies of the Allied Nations were disarmed by Air Power and had no hope of avoiding defeat after air supremacy had passed to the Allied Nations.

Here is the first careful analysis of the classic air offensive. Its lessons will serve as a guide to the future.

The condition of the book is generally good. The dust jacket has several minor scuffs, blemishes and foxing, as well as nibbling and wear along the edges and corners, but the spine is intact and all pages are intact and tightly bound. There is foxing to the outside page leaves and first and last two inside pages.