After Limbang, by Lt Col Brian Edwards

After Limbang, by Lt Col Brian Edwards

After Limbang, by Lt Col Brian Edwards, subtitled 'A Royal Marines Anthology of Experiences of the Confrontation with Indonesia December 1962 to September 1966

Book published by the Royal Marines Historical Society in 2010. 287 pages. Paperback (N4819)

From the rear side cover: This is the first comprehensive look at the Royal Marines involvement in confrontation with the Indonesians, the emergency with Borneo which lasted from 1962 to 1966. During these 4 years either 40 or 42 commando was deployed most of the time and HQ3 Commando Brigade played a prominent part in the first half. This was a campaign which Denis Healy (when Defence Minister) described as a 'textbook demonstration of how to use economy of force, under political guidance, for political ends'...

Brian Edwards, then a company Commander , has complied in this book a historical record of this jungle campaign from first hand reports of over 20 of those who took part in this unsung brushfire war in the Far East. Its successful outcome was in no small measure due to the good training, skill, enthusiasm and tenacity of the often very young commanders on the ground and in the air.

Contributions have come from men who fought at Limbang in Brunei and in border operations, and those who flew helicopters. Royal Marines took their part, along with the army (mostly Gurkha Battalions), in areas close to the border with Indonesia and later in cross border operations against the indonesian army. The book highlights the difficulties in fighting in the jungle, the need for precise map reading and good intelligence as well as considerable stamina. Illustrated throughout with several black and white photographs, chapters include:

  • Brunei Insurrection - The Prelude to Confrontation
  • The Clean-up
  • Sarawak Alert - First Division Incursion and Counter Measures
  • Company Group - Bau District
  • The Yagi Saga - Sarawak and solving problems in communications
  • Roulement - Bau District soldiering
  • Escalation - Lundu District
  • Consolidation - Kuching, Brigade Reserve
  • East to Sabah - Kalabakan, Tawau and the Serudong
  • Company Signaller - signal troop, 42 Commando
  • Return to Sarawak
  • Royal Marines Aviator - 845 Naval Air Squadron
  • Lundu Finale - 42 Commando
  • Forty's Fifth - Sarawak Second Division
  • RM Special Boat Section - 1 and 2 SBS Sabah, Sarawak and the Straits

The condition of the book is generally very good. The covers have one or two minor scuffs, and some light creasing and wear along the edges and corners, but the spine is intact, and all pages are clean, intact, unblemished and tightly bound.

Condition New