A Tour of the City of Nottingham Council House (April 1999)

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A Tour of the City of Nottingham Council House (April 1999)

Published by the Civic Office in April 1999, 13 pages (text and page numbers on one side only). A4 size booklet (A29CWSO)

From the introduction: Hello ladies and gentlemen and welcome to the City of Nottingham's Council House. The building that you are standing in is roughly 70 years old and was built to replace the Old Exchange buildings which stood on this site for approximately 200 years. The stone that the Council House is built of is Portland stone from the same Lancashire quarry of the stone used for St. Paul's Cathedral in London. In fact, the key stone above the centre archway to the entrance to the Council House was a stone cut for St Paul's Cathedral but never used. Work began on this new building in 1926 and it took three years to build. It was finished in 1929 and was opened on the 22nd May by the late Duke of Windsor who was then Prince of Wales.

The main feature of the Council House is the great dome and round the great dome are four groups of figures which symbolise commerce, civic law, prosperity and knowledge. One of them was sculptured by James Woodford who was later commissioned for the Robin Hood statue, which stands beneath the walls of Nottingham Castle.

This building is used for all Civic occasions by the Lord Mayor, Sheriff and Deputy Lord Mayor, and also all important meetings of the Councillors take place in this building.

The condition of the booklet is generally good. The plastic cover has some scuffs and wear, and the booklet has light creasing and wear along the edges and corners, but the spine is intact and all pages are intact, unblemished and bound.