A History of Poor Law and Charity Relief in Banstead, by John Sweetman

A History of Poor Law and Charity Relief in Banstead, by John Sweetman
Published by the Banstead History Research Group in 2004, 36 pages. A4 size booklet (N7374)

From the introduction: One of the difficulties of research into the history of a village and the people who have lived in it is the lack of surviving accounts of the sort of life led by the poor people in the community. Banstead is no exception. Records do exist of efforts which were made through the Poor Law or by charity to relieve at least the extremes of poverty, and this is an attempt to give some idea of what was done in Banstead, set inthe general context. Sections include:

Relief in the Middle Ages and the 16th Century - General
The Poor Law - General Effect of the 1601 Act and Later Poor Law Acts
Poor Law Provision in the Parish of Banstead
Banstead Under the post 1834 Regime
The Epsom Union Workhouse: Dress for Inmates, Tasks, Imbeciles and Lunatics, Fevers, Vagrants, Financing the Union
Charities - General
Charitable Provision in Banstead
Constitution of the Banstead Charities (1824-1897)
The Distributions (1823-1869)
Distributions (1870-1899)
Distributions (1899-1911)
Distributions and Payments Under the 1912 Scheme
The 1970 Scheme
Post 1970 Scheme

The condition of the booklet is generally very good. The covers are clean and bright, the spine is intact and all pages are clean, intact, unblemished and tightly bound.