A Debt of Honour, by Chris Sheldon and John Crosby

A Debt of Honour, by Chris Sheldon and John Crosby

A Debt of Honour - The Story of the men from Cheddleton and Leekbrook who fell during both World Wars, by C. Sheldon and J. Crosby

Published privately by the authors in 2007, 231 pages. Paperback (N4162)

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From the rear side cover: Hidden away from the passing traffic in the village of Cheddleton, North Staffordshire, is a compact but striking war memorial, recording on its plaque the names of the men from the village who gave their lives in the First and Second World Wars. Close by, in the village church, is another plaque listing the names of the members of staff from a nearby county asylum who died during the First World War, And a mile or so along the main road to Leek, is yet another war memorial. This one commemorates the men from the small hamlet of Leekbrook who also died in World War One.

On Remembrance Sunday, local people gather at the war memorials to honour those brave men who gave their lives. They remember the 17 year old farm labourer who lied about his age in 1914 to enlist only to be killed by a grenade in a muddy trench in France, and the foreman painter of the Asylum, who died on the first day of the Somme. They rememebr, too, that a generation later, a young merchant seaman training to be an officer, was lost at sea after his ship was Torpedoed. Or the sergeant in the Royal Marines who died when his ship, HMS Hood, was sunk by the Bismark.....

During the two world wars the men and women of Cheddleton and Leekbrook did more than their bit. Most came home. This book is the story of those who did not come home and to whom we surely owe a debt of honour.

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