A Bullet Saved My Life, by Greg Lewis

A Bullet Saved My Life, by Greg Lewis

A Bullet Saved My Life, by Greg Lewis, subtitled 'The remarkable adventures of Bob Peters. An untold story of the Spanish Civil War'

Published by Warren & Pell in 2006, 80 pages. Paperback (N3818)

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This book tells the remarkable story of Bob Peters, one of the last surviving veterans of the Spanish Civil War. During the Great Depression Bob left his native Wales and emigrated to Canada, finding work on the Great Lakes. He also became active in politics, and when the Spanish Civil War broke out he volunteered to go to Spain and fight for the republic against Franco and the fascists

Early in 1937 he sailed to France and from there he was smuggled into Spain where he joined the British Battalion of the XV International Brigade. It was while fighting in the Battle of Brunete that Bob was shot in the back while crawling through a trench, and the bullet lodged too near his spine to be removed. Bob was transferred from the frontline to work as a motorcycle dispatch rider, and incredibly, the bullet moved with the jarring impact of the rough roads and doctors could eventually cut it out. According to Bob, as casualties were so high in his former unit, if he had stayed on the battlefield he would almost certainly have been killed....

For 70 years Bob has remained quiet about his experiences but now, for the first time, the events of his life are recorded in this book, which includes several photographs and illustrations. The book also briefly details Bob’s World War 2 experiences in Sicily, Italy and Yugoslavia, and features a foreword by Welsh Labour politician Rhodri Morgan as well as a preface by the late Alun Menai Williams, another International Brigader.

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