2 x BR Model Railway A Brief Description (1949), & 2 x Hull Exhibition Flyers (1952)

2 x BR Model Railway A Brief Description (1949), & 2 x Hull Exhibition Flyers (1952)

A collection of 2 booklets titled 'British Railways Model Railway, A Brief Description', both dating from around 1949, and 2 original flyers from 1952. (SBK1)

From the foreword of one of the booklets: During the latter part of 1948 the British Railways' model railway was assembled by a specialist staff attached to The Railway Executive. Many departments of British Railways have assisted in making the model as authentic as possible. The model made its bow before the public at the  Schoolboys' Own Exhibition which was held at the Royal Horticultural Hall, London, from January 1 to 15, 1949.

Since its initial appearance the model has been a feature of many exhibitions throughout the country, in Departmental Stores, and the Festival of Britain in Glasgow. British Railways hope that the brief description which follows may pleasantly refresh the memory of those who have already seen the model in action, and arouse the interest of those who have not yet made its acquaintance. British Railways have many staff vacancies in its various depart­ments. All interested in making Railways their career should apply to the nearest Employment Exchange.

The 2 booklets are different editions explaining the model railway (they have slightly different contents and layout). The two flyers are identical, and advertise an exhibition of the railway at Ferensway in Hull in May 1952.

The condition of the booklets is generally ok. One has a split along the side, and both have several scuffs and creases on the covers. The staple spines are intact, and all pages are intact and bound. The flyers are both yellowed and have some blemishing spots (one is worse than the other).