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                                Wydawnictwo Militaria (WW2)
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                                    New in Stock...

                                    Misfit - A Revolutionary Life, an autobiography by Captain Jack White

                                    Railways of the Isle of Wight, by Marie Panter

                                    The Jungle Beat, by Roy Follows, subtitled 'Fighting Terrorists in the Jungle'

                                    After the Dump went up: The Untold Story - Fauld, by Mark Rowe

                                    Di and Saul


                                    Welcome to Di and Saul Books

                                    We are Di and Saul, and we specialise in History, Military and Politics books. We sell mostly brand new books, and we have hundreds of titles available, but we also sell some rare and unusual second hand titles.

                                    So why not have a browse, and see what you can find - simply click on any of the categories along the left hand side to start browsing through our shop. 

                                    Delivery is free to all UK customers, regardless of the number of books you buy! You can pay for all purchases using a variety of methods - for UK buyers we accept paypal, cheques, postal orders, or bank transfer.

                                    Sale Titles Brand new books for under £5, & if you live in the UK, that price includes the postage too! So why not have a browse.
                                    British History The Medieval period, the Wars of the Roses, the Tudors, the Industrial Revolution, the British Empire, & more!
                                    British Local History Books on the history of counties and shires, cities, towns and villages
                                    Chartism The History of Chartism, the Chartist Leaders, Feargus O'Connor, Nineteenth Century Radicalism, & much more!
                                    Communism, Socialism & Anarchism All aspects of left wing politics and ideology, including Communism, Trotskyism, Marxism, Socialism, Labour, and much more!
                                    Communist Review Copies of the CPGB monthly journal from the 1940's and 1950's, covering issues to do with communism.
                                    European History & Politics The history of countries such as Spain, Germany and France, as well as biographies, politics, and much more!
                                    First World War Battles & Campaigns, Soldiers & Generals, the Western Front, Regiments, and much more!
                                    Irish History & Politics The struggle for independence, the United Irishmen, the Fenians, the Easter Rising, the Civil War, and much more!
                                    Left Book Club Titles published in the 1930's and 1940's in the Left Book Club, which was set up to promote left wing and socialist ideas.
                                    Maritime History Boats, Ships, epic voyages, Navy warships, dockyards, merchant shipping, battles at sea, and much more!
                                    Middle East History & Politics The rise of Islam, the creaton of Israel, the history of Palestine and the Palestinian conflict, Persia, Egypt, & much more!
                                    Military History Military History from around the world, including Wars, Battles, Campaigns, Commanders, and much more!
                                    Napoleonic Wars Battles & Campaigns, Soldiers & Generals, Regiments, Armies, and much much more!
                                    Political Pamphlets Pamphlets on every aspect of politics and political ideology - many under a fiver!
                                    Railway History Locomotives and rolling stock, stations, lines and routes, railway disasters, companies, and much more!
                                    Second World War Battles & Regiments, Soldiers & Generals, the Far East, Europe, the Eastern Front, the War at Sea, and much more!
                                    Spanish Civil War The International Brigades, Aid to Spain, the CNT, the Anarchists, Franco and the Fascists, and much more!
                                    Trade Unions Trade Unions & the Labour Movement, the General Strike, the Miners Strike of 1984-85, and more!
                                    Transport History Trams and Buses, Aircraft and Aerodromes, lorries and haulage, canals, and much more!
                                    USSR & Russia History Imperial Russia, the Tsars, 1905, the Russian Revolution, Bolshevism and the Soviet Union, and much more!
                                    World Politics & History History and politics from around the world, including the Americas & the Caribbean, Africa, India & China
                                    Wydawnictwo Militaria (WW2) High quality and detailed guides on German AFV's of the Second World War - and including lots of photographs & plans.
                                    Jolly George Press Here you can find details of all the titles published by Jolly George Press and currently available to buy.
                                    Osprey Military Books A wide selection of the excellent Osprey military titles, including books on aircraft and pilots, regiments and soldiers, battles and campaigns, and much more!
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                                    Memories of the Spanish Civil War - A Personal Account, by Frank Ellis


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